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I have been working like crazy adding all kinds of stuff to the Shopping area of this page.  Feel free to shop till you drop but sadly I have not gotten around to adding the pictures.  I will soon don’t you worry.  So for right now check out the pictures on my Crocheted by Kirby facebook page.

Thanks and Keep checking back!

The Holiday Magic Craft Fair

On Saturday November 17th from 9am-3pm Crocheted by Kirby is teaming up with Pink Pixy Bath Products (who makes all natural hand made bath products) to do our first craft show of the Holiday season.
When we are together we are called Soapy Sheep.

The show is the Holiday Magic Craft Fair at Central Dauphin East Senior High School

holiday magic craft fair

Located at: 626 Rutherford Rd, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17109
We will have:
-Boutique Fingerless Gloves
-Viking Hats
-Animal Hat
-Tree Bags
-Fingerless Gloves
-Lotion Bars
-Bath Salts
-Face Scrubs
-Bath Bombs

The show is FREE ADMISSION and FREE PARKING.  So please come out and check out all that these two small local business have to offer.

Hand Made gifts are the very best gifts to give.

Here Comes Fall GIVEAWAY

Share this Picture to WinMy all time favorite season of Fall is just around the corner and to celebrate I am doing my first ever GIVEAWAY on my facebook page.

The WINNER will get a lovely pair handmade of Fingerless Gloves (in the colors of their own choosing).

To enter…please go to the Facebook page and share (as well as like) the picture that says “Share this Picture to WIN” with your friends, or direct them to my page!

Crocheted by Kirby Facebook

A winner will be chosen on Friday September 28th

My Current Goal

My goal as it stands is to have the store open by November.  That way the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire will be over and I will have plenty of fantastic hats, fingerless gloves and bags for the online store.  Also it will be perfect timing for Christmas because you know what is the best gift of all handmade one-of-a-kind gifts.

I will still be taking orders over my Crocheted by Kirby facebook site.  Please feel free to send me a message or e-mail any orders in.


By the way I started making wonderful Viking Hats both with long braids and without.  I have even been thinking about making beards for the ones without braids.


Hi All,

Welcome to the Crocheted by Kirby website.  I just added my About Me and My Fav Links so feel free to check those out.  All my wonderful products will be added with in the next few weeks.  I am just working on making some new stock and taking some new pictures.

Talk to you all again soon.

Why hello there.

This is a test of the emergency AHHHHH GET IT OFF GET IT OFF WHAT IS oh… cat hair. Sorries… So HI… and Welcome to Crocheted by Kirby. We are in the set-up stage at the moment. So far I’ve (clearly) gotten the front end in place with the WP install and the store functionality working. Now just need to colorize, customize, and add products. Glee =}